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Thank YOU!


Thank you SO MUCH for helping us out with this project! 


Here are a couple of tips for recording your video testimonial on your phone. At the end of this page, you will find question suggestions!


  1. Record a vertical video! (Just like an Instagram story.) 

  2. When you record on your video, stand in front of a window for good light!  You should stand so that you can look out the window. Do not stand with the window behind you. :) 

  3. Below are questions to help with your video. Please don't re-state the questions while you answer. When you answer, just give your part of the answer. :)

  4. Totally be yourself! These questions are just a guide! I’m mostly looking for enthusiasm and honesty. :) 

  5. If you mess up, no big deal at all! I can edit and take that part out. Just re-state the part that you'd like to fix, but you don't have to start all the way over! 

  6. There is not a specific time requirement needed for your answer. I will piece together parts of your answer into a larger montage. Feel free to answer for a few minutes, but don’t worry about hitting a specific mark. 

Question GUIDE

Here are three questions that can help guide your video!

Your answers do not have to fit an exact mold! These questions are guidelines, but focus on whatever you are most excited about! It’s more important that your answers sound genuine than answering something word for word. 


  1. How was your experience with Huddl Booth? (Did you love it? Was Huddl Booth helpful? Was it fun? Hilarious? What was your favorite part? What features that were awesome? What did guests at your event think of Huddl Booth? Were people having fun, laughing etc.)

  2. What would you say to someone considering having Huddl Booth at their event? 

  3. If this applies to you: What were some needs, hesitations, or frustrations when you were searching for a photo booth for your event? Did Huddl Booth help solve any of those hesitations or needs? Why did you go with Huddl Booth?


One more thing!

  1. At some point in your video, I'd love to have you say,“I love Huddl Booth!” (with your own style of enthusiasm or personal flare, of course!)

You're the BEST!

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