read below for help 
getting your event
back in action!
Selfie booth guide

Tap the app icon in the top left of the home screen.

Next, tap your event when the app loads.

Turn on "Guided Access" (See below for more details!) Skip this step if you are not familiar with Guided Access

Hit “start event” in the top right corner

Have fun!

Triple click the physical sleep/wake button in the opening on the

top of the unit to “lock” the app in guided access. 

This will prevent guests from venturing away from the correct app. 

Use a small pin to triple click the sleep/wake button. 

To access the dashboard, double tap the top left corner of the screen. 

Enter the code 5 0 5 0. 


Once you enter the dashboard, you can change the settings you need.

If the ring light disconnects, go to the dashboard to start

Next, open your event, 

then tap the gear icon in the top right of the screen.

Next, tap “Guest Interface” on the left hand menu.

Find the LED Branding option, then tap directly on the word “Pair.”

Tap “Pair with LED” and tap the top option that pops up.

Start your event and have fun!

Go to the dashboard. 

Tap on "Camera Settings" on the left side menu. 

Tap on "Exposure" 

Note: Leave Auto Exposure off

Slide the ISO slider to the right to make it brighter, and to the left to make it darker. If you slide the ISO too far to the right, the photos may become grainy. I recommend avoid going over ISO 1,000.