huddl booth

We love bringing people together. Whether it's friends, family, team, co-workers, classmates, or neighbors, time is best spent enjoying it with others. 

In the booth, we give you a chance to celebrate with those around you!


We provide hilarious fun and incredible memories for everyone at an event. We offer the highest quality images, modern technology, and beautiful design to give guests an unforgettable experience.


With the option of digital or printed images, we'll help guests remember you and your brand long after the event is over. Huddl Booth is an amazing way to leave your guests impressed. If you need to collect useful information from your guests, capture it the fun way with Huddl Booth surveys and email capture. Or, if you just want your guests or employees to have fun, Huddl Booth is perfect for bringing the team together. Whatever project you have in mind, we're up for it! 


We love helping people connect, smile, and celebrate with each other. So, huddl up, and let's make some memories. 

See why people love having Huddl Booth at their events!

"My guests get giddy whenever they see it, and it's

an instant ice-breaker."


Hi! We're Emily and Steven Puente, the folks behind Huddl Booth! We hope you drop a line and say hello! We can't wait to celebrate together!